Jeco World is an online extension of Jeco Integrated Nigeria Ltd. Jeco Integrated Nigeria Ltd is your trusted and No 1 Laboratory equipment dealer where to buy laboratory equipment for your institution. We deal on all kinds of Medical, Scientific, Laboratory Equipments. We have been in business for over a decade, making our numerous customers happy.

We pride in delivering quality, reliable, and affordable products. Our prices are the best you can get for quality in the industry.


To provide quality, effective, efficient and high standard equipment and products at a competitive price to our numerous clients through professionalism and integrity.


To improve the health care delivery via the provision of highest standard equipment and products at a competitive price and to be one of the leading and best suppliers of Hospital, Scientific and Laboratory equipment in Nigeria and Africa at large.

If you are looking for where to buy Laboratory, Scientific and Medical equipment in Aba, Abia State, Umuahia, Owerri, Enugu, Ebonyi, Anambra, Onitsha, Lagos, Abuja, Nnewi and it’s environs for your project, then you are in the right place. We offer our comprehensive range of equipment to schools(Secondary and Tertiary), Medical, Veterinary, Dental, Private/Government Hospitals.

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We offer a comprehensive range of laboratory equipment like:

  1. Hospital Bed
  2. Theatre Lamp
  3. Examination Coach
  4. Delivery Bed
  5. Drip Stand
  6. Operating Table Major
  7. Operating Table Minor
  8. Instrument Trolley
  9. Wall Screen
  10. Hospital foams
  11. Wheel Chair
  12. Patient Trolley
  13. Sterilizing drum
  14. Sterilizer Manual
  15. Sterilizer Electric
  16. Auto – Clave
  17. Washing Hand Basin
  18. Babies Coach
  19. Babies Scale
  20. Scale with height
  21. Babies Coach
  22. Walking Stick single
  23. Walking Stick
  24. Adult Scale with height
  25. Bathroom Scale
  26. Incubator
  27. Oven
  28. Centrifuge
  29. Micro – Centrifuge
  30. Microscope
  31. Electrophoresis Machine
  32. Glass Petri dish
  33. Disposable Petri dish
  34. Differential Counter
  35. Tally Counter
  36. Ultrasound Machine Scanner
  37. UltraSound digital Scanner
  38. Full digital Palm scanner
  39. Digital Ultra Sound Scanner with trolley
  40. 3D colour Ultra Sound Machine
  41. X-ray view box
  42. 50MA Mobile X-ray unit
  43. High-frequency Mobile X-ray unit
  44. X-ray Film Processor
  45. Mobile X-ray unit
  46. X-ray film cassette
  47. X-ray machine (100MA, 200MA, 300MA)
  48. Electric Surgical Unit (Diathermy)
  49. Digital Electronic Colposcope
  50. Lazaro Copy System
  51. Petal doppler
  52. Finger doppler
  53. Manual Blood Pressure Monitor
  54. Mercury Sphygmomanometer
  55. Digital Auto digital blood pressure Meter
  56. Hand-Held Infrared Thermometer
  57. Spirometer
  58. Anesthesia Machine
  59. Medical Ventilator
  60. Suction Apparatus – Double Electric
  61. Suction Apparatus Manual
  62. Oxygen Concentrator
  63. Oxygen Incubator
  64. Full Haematology Analyzer
  65. Semi-Auto Chemistry Analyzer
  66. Microplate Reader
  67. Blood Bank Refrigerator
  68. Universal Power Supply
  69. Automatic Tissue Processor
  70. Rotary Microtome
  71. Dental X-ray unit
  72. Oxygen Cylinder

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Customer Satisfaction is our priority.

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