S/NO Product Product Image
1.  VIS Spectrophotometer S23A vis spectrophotometer S23A
2. YX280A Portable Autoclave YX280A portable autoclave
3. WRS-1C Melting Point Apparatus melting point apparatus WRS-1C
4. TP-3001 Thermometer tp-3001 thermometer
5. TP101 Food Thermometer Food Thermometer
6. UV-VIS Spectrophotometer UV-Vis-Spectrophotometer
7. Water bath Shaker water bath shaker
8. Tintometer Tintometer
9. Simple Watt Meter watt meter
10. RCZ-6C3 Dissolution Tester Dissolution Tester
11. PS-305DM DC Power Supply PS-305DM DC Power Supply
12. Portable Conductivity Salinity meter Portable Conductivity Salinity meter
13. Polarimeter polarimeter
14. PHS-2F pH Meter PHS-2F-pH-Meter


PH-8414 Portable pH Meter
pH Meter pH-8414
16. PH Meter
ph107 ph meter
17. KLS-411 Trace Moisture Analyser
trace moisture analyser
18. Kinematic Viscometer Kinematic-Viscometer SYD-265D-1
19. JJBC Electronic Analytical Balance
electronic analytical balance
20. Infrared Spectrophotometer
infrared spectrophotometer DL30A
21. HTC-2 Thermohygrometer
htc-2 hygrometer
22. HTC-1 Thermohygrometer
htc-1 thermohygrometer
23. GC102AF Gas Chromatograph
gc102af gas chromatograph
24. FP640 Flame Photometer
fp640 flame photometer
25. LB-D2 Disintegration Tester
LB-2D Disintegration Tester
26. Digital Soil Water Potential Meter
digital Soil water potential meter
27. Digital Dual Channel Oscilloscope digital dual channel oscilloscope
28. DHS16-A Moisture Analyser
dhs16-a moisture analyser
29. DDS-307 Conductivity Meter
DDS-307 Conductivity Meter
30. CA620 Dual Channel Oscilloscope
ca620 dual channel oscilloscope
31. Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer aa320n
32. 80-2B Centrifuge
80-2b centrifuge
33. 80-1 Centrifuge
80-1 centrifuge
34. 721 VIS Spectrophotometer
721 vis spectrophotometer
35. Series Single-Punch Tablet Press Series Single-Punch Tablet Press
36. TGL-12B Micro Hematocrit Centrifuge TGL-12B Micro Hematocrit Centrifuge
37. Digital Voltmeter digital voltmeter
38. Digital Ammeter digital ammeter
39. JPB-607A Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter JPB-607A Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter
40. MB-2000 Double Beam Balance MB-2000 Double Beam Balance
41. MB-2610 Triple Beam Balance MB-2610 Triple Beam Balance
42. MB-200 Double Beam Balance MB-200 Double Beam Balance
43. Table Balance JPT-1 Table Balance
44. P98II HPLC (Pump+detector+injector+column)  
45. 300D Tablet Hardness Tester 300D drug tablet hardness tester
46. 504 Stop Watch 504 Stop Watch
47. KD-6128 Stop Watch KD-6128 Stop Watch
48. Pipette Single  
49. LP series Electronic Analytical Balance LP series Electronic Analytical Balance
50. JA103M/JA203M Density Balance JA103M/JA203M Density Balance
51. PHS-2602 pH Meter
52. C series Electronic Balance C series Electronic Balance
53. GA4032 Digital Spectrum Analyzer GA4032 Digital Spectrum Analyzer
54. GA1102CAL Automatic Digital Dual Channel Oscilloscope
55. ZDDN-II Semi-Automatic Kjeldahl Nitrogen Analyzer ZDDN-II Semi-Automatic Kjeldahl Nitrogen Analyzer
56. TC series Muffle Furnace TC series Muffle Furnace
57. SX series Muffle Furnace SX series Muffle Furnace
58. JY-16A High-Speed Centrifuge JY-16A High-Speed Centrifuge
59. UTD series Automatic Digital Dual Channel Oscilloscope UTD series Automatic Digital Dual Channel Oscilloscope
60. UTD7102B Digital Storage Oscilloscope UTD7102B Digital Storage Oscilloscope
61. HS series Electronic Balance  HS series Electronic Balance 
62. NDJ-8S Digital Rotary Viscometer NDJ-8S Digital Rotary Viscometer
63. 80-3 Centrifuge 80-3 Centrifuge
64. 800D Centrifuge 800D Centrifuge
65. 800 Centrifuge 800 Centrifuge
66. J02704 Bunsen Burner J02704 bunsen burner
67. SH-8106 Digital Weighing Scale SH-8106 Digital Weighing Scale
68. XY series Electronic Platform Scale XY-series Electronic Platform Scale
69. RTZ-10A Kitchen Scale RTZ-10A Kitchen Scale
70. RCS-20 Electronic Baby Scale RCS-20 Electronic Baby Scale
71. STJ-3 Colony Counter STJ-3 Colony Counter
72. ST-ZDHW Electric Heating Mantle ST-ZDHW Electric Heating Mantle
73. JSH-120 Micro Hematocrit Centrifuge SH-120 Micro Hematocrit Centrifuge
74. SH12C-II Micro Hematocrit Centrifuge  
75. XY-J series Hydrostatic Balance  
76. LA series Electronic Analytical Balance LP series Electronic Analytical Balance
77. BJ-L series Vertical Pressure Steam Sterilizer Vertical Pressure Steam Sterilizer
78. 2WAJ Abbe Refractometer 2WAJ Abbe Refractometer
79. Self-Break Auto-Control Water Distiller Self-Break Auto-Control Water Distiller
80. FM107 Flourescent Microscope FM107 Flourescent Microscope
81. S-10 Series Stereo Microscope S-10 Series Stereo Microscope
82. BJ-J Series Table Top Steam Sterilizer BJ-J Series Table Top Steam Sterilizer
83. XRY-1A Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter XRY-1A Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter
84. XSP-70C Microscope XSP-70C Microscope
85. XSP-70B Microscope XSP-70B Microscope
86. XSP-02 Microscope XSP-02 Microscope
87. P98I HPLC (2Pumps+detector+injector+column) P98I HPLC (2Pumps+detector+injector+column)
88. NDJ-1S Rotary Viscometer NDJ-1S Rotary Viscometer
89. DT01 Bath Scale DT01 Bath Scale
90. ST-8003 Bath Scale ST-8003 Bath Scale
91. SS600W series Horizontal Cylindrical Pressure Steam Sterilizer SS600W series Horizontal Cylindrical Pressure Steam Sterilizer
92. Agress 1100 (2Pumps+detector+injector+column) Agress 1100 (2Pumps+detector+injector+column)
93. ST-CJ series Laminar Air Flow Cabinet ST-CJ series Laminar Air Flow Cabinet
94. XY-B series Electronic Balance XY-B series Electronic Balance
95. SYD-3536 Cleveland Open Cup Flash Point Tester SYD-3536 Cleveland Open Cup Flash Point Tester
96. LAI-3 Anaerobic Incubator  
97. 85-2 Magnetic Stirrer Hotplate 85-2 Magnetic Stirrer Hotplate
98. ST-TB200 Benchtop Turbidity Meter ST-TB200 Benchtop Turbidity Meter
99. 115N Vaccum Pump 115N Vaccum Pump
100. BSZ Digital Automatic Fraction Collector BSZ-100 Digital Automatic Fraction Collector
101. XY-MW series Digital Moisture Analyser XY-MW series Digital Moisture Analyser
102. HY-4A Cycling Vibrator HY-4A Cycling Vibrator
103. SH-2 Magnetic Stirrer Hotplate SH-2 Magnetic Stirrer Hotplate
104. HH-2 Thermostat Water Bath HH-2 Thermostat Water Bath
105. DB-1 Electric Hotplate DB-1 Electric Hotplate
106. RGZ-20 Baby Scale RGZ-20 Baby Scale
107. ZT series Weighing Scale ZT series Weighing Scale
108. HM6H Heating Mantle with Holder  
109. HT series Industrial IR Thermometer HT series Industrial IR Thermometer
110. J0407 Ammeter J0407 Ammeter
111. J0406 Voltmeter J0406 Voltmeter
112. PM8233A Digital Multimeter PM8233A Digital Multimeter
113. Digital Multimeter Digital Multimeter
114. 2354 Sliding Rheostat 2354 Sliding Rheostat
115. J2361 Resistance Box J2361 Resistance Box
116. TJ120 Tripod Stand TJ120 Tripod Stand
117. 2421 Slinky for Wave Demonstration 2421 Slinky for Wave Demonstration
118. DJW-1 Kymograph DJW-1 Kymograph
119. 24049 Transformer  
120. 2417 Aneroid Barometer  
121. Ball & Ring Apparatus Ball & Ring Apparatus
122. Geiger Counter  
123. J2306 Test Tube Rack J2306 Test Tube Rack
124. CB202 Bosshead Clamp CB202 Bosshead Clamp
125. SP120 Spatula SP120 Spatula
126. 2224-2 Signal Generator  
127. 24018 DC Motor B-series 24018 DC Motor B-series
128. PF210 Pipette Filler PF210 Pipette Filler
129. Bar & U shape Magnet Bar & U shape Magnet
130. 24019 Pulley  
131. 233-7 Molecular Model  
132. 2224-2 Meter Rule  
133. 24018 Meter Bridge 24018 Meter Bridge
134. 2421 Lever Arm Balance 2421 Lever Arm Balance
135. 2522 Slotted Weight 2522 Slotted Weight
136. 2623 Rain Guage 2623 Rain Guage
137. 2233 Spiral Spring  
138. 2622 Sonometer 2622 Sonometer
139. 24119 Plug Key 24119 Plug Key
140. 2222-9 Ganong’s Photometer 2222-9 Ganong's Photometer
141. 2224-2 Crocodile Clip 2224-2 Crocodile Clip
142. 2633 Thoday’s Photometer  
143. 24016 Stop Clock 24016 Stop Clock
144. 27891 Optical Bench 27891 Optical Bench
145. 2666 Resistors  
146. 4421 Forceps 4421 Forceps
147. Friction Board Friction Board
148. 1130 Micrometer 1130 Micrometer
149. Calorimeter Calorimeter
150. HX1102 Magnifier Glass HX1102 Magnifier Glass
151. ST213 Boyle’s Law Apparatus ST213 Boyle's Law Apparatus
152. 1100 Vernier Caliper 1100 Vernier Caliper
153. 1120 Digital Vernier Caliper 1120 Digital Vernier Caliper
154. Red and Blue Litmus Paper Red and Blue Litmus Paper
155. Filter Paper Filter Paper
156. C series Mortars with Pestle C series Mortars with Pestle
157. C series Combustion Boats C series Combustion Boats
158. C series Evaporating Dishes C series Evaporating Dishes
159. C series Medium Form Porcelain Crucible C series Medium Form Porcelain Crucible
160. C series Buchner Funnels C series Buchner Funnels
161. CX2000 Laptop Color Doppler Ultrasound System CX2000 Laptop Color Doppler Ultrasound System
162. ST-6800 Notebook Digital Diagnostic Ultrasound System ST-6800 Notebook Digital Diagnostic Ultrasound System
163. ST580 Notebook Digital Diagnostic Ultrasound System ST580 Notebook Digital Diagnostic Ultrasound System
164. ST-51353C Full Digital Palm Ultrasound Scanner ST-51353C Full Digital Palm Ultrasound Scanner
165. YZ200B X-Ray  Machine 200mA YZ200B X-Ray  Machine 200mA
166. YZ300B X-Ray  Machine 300mA  YZ300B X-Ray  Machine 300mA 
167. YZ-100C Medical X-Ray  Machine 100mA  YZ-100C Medical X-Ray  Machine 100mA 
168. YZ-200C Medical X-Ray  Machine 200mA   YZ-200C Medical X-Ray  Machine 200mA
169. CX9001C Full Digital Ultrasound with Trolley  CX9001C Full Digital Ultrasound with Trolley
170. ST-51353 Ultrasound Scanner with Trolley   ST-51353 Ultrasound Scanner with Trolley
171. CX2300 3D Color Doppler Ultrasound Machine  CX2300 3D Color Doppler Ultrasound Machine
172. WTD5000B X-Ray Radiograph System  WTD5000B X-Ray Radiograph System
173.  WTX8200 High-Frequency Digital Radiography System WTX8200 High-Frequency Digital Radiography System
174. DG3410 High-Frequency X-Ray Radiography System DG3410 High-Frequency X-Ray Radiography System
175. WTX112C High-Frequency Mobile C-Arm System  WTX112C High-Frequency Mobile C-Arm System
176. ST-6800LCD Digital Laptop Ultrasound Scanner  ST-6800 LCD Digital Laptop Ultrasound Scanner
177.  ST-51353A Digital Portable Ultrasound Scanner  
178.  KZ-62000 Full Digital Ultrasound Scanner  
179.  ST-51353VET Digital Vet Laptop Ultrasound Scanner  
180. F30-IV 30mA Mobile X-Ray Unit   
181.  ST-X101(50mA) High-Frequency Mobile X-Ray Unit  
182.  ST-50 50mA Mobile X-Ray Unit   
183. HX-M30 X-Ray Machine for Mammography   
184. BSD-020 Permanent MRI System   
185. BSD-042 Permanent MRI System    
186. ST300 Electrical Surgical Unit (Diathermy)   
187. ST400 Electrical Surgical Unit (Diathermy)    
188. Laparoscopy System   
189. ST-9000A Patient Monitor   
190. ST-8000 Patient Monitor Portable  
191.  ECG-1101B One-Channel Electrocardiograph  
192.  ECG-1103B 3-Channel Electrocardiograph   
193.  ECG300G 3-Channel Electrocardiograph   
194.  ECG100G One-Channel Electrocardiograph   
195. ST-ECG100G 12-Channel Electrocardiograph    
196. ST-TLC9803 Dynamic Egg System   
197. ST- M2000A+ Anesthesia Machine   
198. AM852 Anesthesia Machine    
199.  MJ560B5 Anesthesia Machine   
200.  STM2000A(P) Portable Anesthesia Machine   
201. ST6100D Anesthesia Machine    
202.  JX-H-100 Medical Ventilator  
203.  HD9000A Defibrillator  
204. St-H3000C Transport Ventilator  
205. ST6100Plus Anesthesia Machine   
206. ST-M2000C+ Anesthesia Machine  
207. ST004 Pedal Suction Apparatus  
208. ST007 series Oxygen Concentrator  
209. 7E-A Suction Apparatus  
210. ST001 Suction Apparatus  
211. 7E-B Suction Apparatus for Children  
212. 7A-23D Electrical Suction Apparatus  
213. 7E-D Universal Suction Apparatus AC/DC  
214. ST-3090A Electrical Suction Apparatus  
215. SH-03W/SD-05W Oxygen Concentrator  
216. 7F-3 Oxygen Concentrator  
217. 98B1 Oxygen Cylinder with Trolley  
218. ST159-12.5 Oxygen Cylinder  
219. ST219-40 Oxygen Cylinder  
220. JH907/JH907B Medical Oxygen Regulator  
221. YP-100 Infant Incubator  
222. B-800 Infant Incubator  
223. YP930 Infant Incubator  
224. DS-BB-200L Baby Incubator  
225. DS-BB-200S Baby Incubator  
226. HKN-90 Infant Radiant Warmer  
227. ST-3002B Semi-Auto Chemistry Analyzer  
228. DS-BN-100S Infant Radiant Warmer  
229. XHZ-90L Neonate Phototherapy Unit  
230. HKN-9010 Infant Radiant Warmer  
231. ST-7501 Fully Auto Hematology Analyzer(5-part Diff)  
232. ST-7021 Fully Auto Hematology Analyzer(3-part Diff)  
223. LGDL-60C Freeze Dyer  
234. St301/ST261 Fully Automatic Chemistry Analyzer  
235. ST600 Urine Analyzer Series  
236. ST-500 Microplate Reader  
237. ST-600 Microplate Washer  
238. ST2100C Microplate Reader  
239. ST2600C Microplate WasherST-B120  
240. ST-B120/ST-B200 Blood Bank Refrigerator  
241. ST-B400/ST-B600 Blood Bank Refrigerator  
242. ST86-398 Low-Temperature Freezer  
243. ST40-200 Low-Temperature Freezer  
244. ST-STG1 Mortuary Freezer  
245. ST-STG2 Mortuary Freezer  
246. ST-STG6 Mortuary Freezer  
247. ST300  Electrophoresis Machine with Cell  
248. ST600-ST7A  Electrophoresis Machine with Cell   
249. SC850 Gel Documentation   
250.  ST-A200 PCR Thermal Cycler  
251.  ST-T53A Automatic Tissue Processor  
252.  ST-BMII Tissue Embedding & Cooling System  
253.  ST-202A Rotary Machine  
254. ST3358 Ultra-Thin  Semi-Automatic Microtone  
255.  ST-T Automatic Biological Tissue Slice Spreading & Drying Instrument  
256. ST-100(Stand type) Dental X-Ray Unit   
257.  BD-402A Portable Dental Unit  
258. BD-406A Portable Dental Unit   
259. AL-398HG Dental Unit  
260.  SH-8052 Operation Reflection Lamp   
261.  ZC-2450 Examination Lamp  
262.  ST-3060 Cryostat Microtome  
263.  ST-TS6A Automated Tissue Processor  
264.  ST-3001 series Operating Table  
265.  FL600 series Operating Lamp  
266. F series Operating Lamp   
267. SL1193G Examination Lamp   
268.  ST-2072D Led Operating Lamp  
269. ST-D03 Electric Operating Table   
270. ST-D01 Electric Operating Table   
271. HF80 ABS 3-Crank Manual Bed   
272. HF82 ABS Single-Crank Manual Bed    
273. ST-3008A Operating Table    
274. HF81 ABS 2-Crank Manual Bed    
275. HF83 ABS 3-Crank Manual Bed    
276. HF86 A05 Single-Crank Manual Bed    
277. HF84 A05 3 Functional Manual Bed   
278. HF85 A03 2-Crank Manual Bed    
279. HF74 Hand Driven 2-folded Bed SH-2A   
280. HF72 Hand Driven 2-folded Bed S.S SH-014    
281. HF73 Hospital Bed SH-020   
282. HF75 Hand Driven 2-folded Bed SH-2A-1  
283. HF77 Hand Driven 3-folded Bed SH-3A-2   
284.  ST-2A  Stretcher for Ambulance  
285. ST-3C Aluminium Stretcher for Ambulance   
286. HF76 Normal 3-folded Nursing Bed SH-3A   
287.  ST-211 Stainless Steel Stretcher  
289.  ST644B Examination Bed  
290. ST644 Examination Bed   
291. ST641 Delivery Table   
292. ST649 Ordinary Operating Table   
293. ST-99A Gynecological Examination Bed   
294. ST-C2004 Gynecological Examination Bed    
295. ST-C2003 Universal Obstetric Table  
296.  ST501 Delivery Table  
297. ST122 Instrument Trolley   
298. ST120 Instrument Trolley    
299. ST654 Baby Cart   
300. ST316-1/ST316-2 Wash-Hand Stand   
301. ST5-4 Infusion Support   
302. ST-F12 First Aid Box   
303.  3-Folding Ward Screen   
304.  4-Folding Ward Screen   
305. ST4-4 Infusion Support   
306. ST-1A9 Folding Stretcher   
307. ST655 Overbed Table   
308.  ST181 Bedside Cabinet  
309.  ST178 Bedside Cabinet  
310.  ST647 Overbed Table  
311. ST7500 series Arm Crutches  
312.  ST001-1 Anti-Decubitus Mattress  
313.  ST907B Walking Stick  
314. ST912A/ST912B 4-Foot Walking Stick  
315. Commode Chair   
316.  ST809 Wheel Chair  
317.  ST609 Wheel Chair with COmmode  
318.  ST198-25/ST198-50 Medical Trolley  
319. ST690/ ST690A Lab Stool   
320.  ST394 Garbage Can  
321.  ST646 Overbed Table  
322.  ST162-B Bedside Cabinet  
323.  ST205LHQ Wheel Chair  
324. TYS-A Leaf Area Meter   
325.  YMJ-A Chlorophyll Meter  
326. BTD-80 series Total Station   
327.  AT-G7N Auto Construction Level  
328. Human Skeleton  
329. BJ-YDB series Horizontal Cylindrical Pressure Steam Sterilizer  BJ-YDB series Horizontal Cylindrical Pressure Steam Sterilizer 
330. 2224-2 Banana Clip  2224-2 Banana Clip 


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