gc102af gas chromatograph

GC102AF Gas Chromatograph


The GC102AF Gas Chromatograph is a new generation of universal gas chromatograph equipped with a hydrogen flame ionization detector (FID) for complete computerized counter-control and remote instrument detection and fault diagnosis.

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Main Feature:

  • Complete PC control, intuitive interface, easy to operate.
  • High temperature control accuracy (better than ± 0.1 ℃) heating speed, overshoot temperature is small.
  • With self-diagnosis, power protection, oven over-temperature protection, automatic ignition and other functions.
  • Can accurately display the temperature control set value, the actual value, FID amplifier sensitivity.
  • With single gas system, accurate scale air control valve parts, to achieve excellent reproducibility and stability.
  • Packed column: column injection, instantaneous vaporization injection, gas injection.
  • Open computer system can be used with NJ2000 chromatography station to achieve data processing.
  • Large capacity oven (300mm × 280mm × 270mm) easy to install packed column.
  • Built-in heating wire structure.



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