digital Soil water potential meter

Digital Soil Water Potential Meter

High accuracy and high resolution, can test soil temperature and water  potential  at the same time.

Easy to operate, portable, flexible, can purchase one set with multi-probes.

Automatic turn off function.

Record temperature, water potential, time and storage number at the same time

Automatically get the peak data of water potential with time set, full scale set, auto save function

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Main Features

Model No: TRS-I/TRS-II

Max Load: 100kpa

Probe Quantities: 3

Resolution: 0.01kpa

Soil Temperature Measuring Range: –55℃ ~ 150℃

Temperature Accuracy: ±1

Operating Mode: Keyboard

Heating Mode: Step Heating


Note: TRS-I – Test soil water potential
TRS-II – Test both soil water potential index and soil temperature index


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