fp640 flame photometer

FP640 Flame Photometer

Automatic Calculation of correlation coefficient

Direct concentration read-out

Flameout protection device LPG burning gas

Measuring range changing

7 inch touch screen LCD


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Main Features

Model No.: FP640

Sensitivity: K : 0.01ppm; Na 0.01ppm.

Measuring Range: K :0-100ppm; Na: 160ppm.

Repeatability:  1% CV for 20consecutive samples

Linearity: K : 0.195ppm (0.39-3.12)ppm, Na:0.69ppm(1.15-9.2)ppm

Calculation:  Manual

Weight: 17kg

Dimension: 54 x 52 x 26cm, 570 x 530 x 380mm


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