UV-VIS Spectrophotomer


  • Automatic wavelength settings
  • 7 inch multi touch-screen
  • Sample compartment for 5-50mm cells
  • Equipped with USB port Precise automatic T/A changeover
  • Internal printer optional
  • Automatic zero and full scale adjustment
  • Operated by PC with software
  • Direct concentration read-out and concentration factor setting function
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Model No.: N2S (scanning)

Optical system: 1200 lines/mm holographic grating, C-T monochromator

WL range: 325-1000mm

WL accuracy:  ±1nm

WL repeatability: ≤0.5nm

Spectrum bandwidth: ±0.5%(T)(NBS930D)

Stray light: 0.1%(T) (360nm, NaNO2)

Transmittance repeatability:  ≤0.2%(T)

Transmittance measuring range: 0.0%-200.0%(T)

Absorbance measuring range: -0.301~4.000(A)

Concentration range: 0.000~9999(C)


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